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Welcome to BR&L Consulting!

   BR&L Consulting is a consulting firm with a strong history of leading diverse internationally recognized expertise in the areas of Manufacturing IT, including Manufacturing Execution Systems, business-to-manufacturing integration,  General Recipe implementations, international assignment management functions in HR, compensation, payroll, finance, and vendor management.

   Dennis Brandl, founder of BR&L Consulting, has been an instructor in manufacturing IT, PLM for the process industries, batch control systems, business-to-manufacturing integration, validation, and regulated industry compliance for the past 15 years. He is an expert at assisting groups in developing long lasting consensus, documenting the consensus, and developing tools to maintain the consensus. He has led diverse groups in the development of user requirements, systems designs and internationally accepted standards.

    Dennis Brandl is a regular contributor on IT in Manufacturing to Control Engineering

ISA 95 Part 3 Overview

The IT Implications of ISA 95 and ISA 99

Applying ISA 88 to Non-Stop Production

Other Publications

    See Automation World's article "ISA88 Beyond Batch" for an update on the ISA 88 effort and quotes from Dennis Brandl.

Design Patterns for Flexible Manufacturing
Dennis Brandl

ISBN/ID: 978-1-55617-998-3

Publisher: ISA     Also available on AMAZON.COM

    This handy resource defines an effective set of design patterns and rules you should know when applying the widely used ISA-88 industry standards to batch manufacturing (called the S88 design pattern) and continuous and discrete manufacturing (called the NS88 design pattern for non-stop production).

    Dennis Brandl, who is the chairman of the ISA-SP88 committee, developed these patterns and subsequent rules while applying the batch series in several projects. This book clearly identifies what elements are defined in the batch series and what elements make up the S88 and NS88 design patterns for flexible manufacturing.

    The book defines design patterns for control system programming, providing patterns for the organization of programmable logic controller (PLC), digital control system (DCS), and other control system application code. Whether you are in a batch, continuous, or discrete manufacturing environment, these design patterns can be applied to a wide range of production systems, making systems easier to design and implement.